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The Struggle

My breastfeeding journey has been such a roller coaster. I love it and hate it equally, and despite saying that, I still feel guilty that I even have these thoughts. It has been the toughest thing I’ve ever accomplished and overcame the struggles and continue to work at daily. I sometimes want the freedom to go somewhere without the stress of engorged breasts, pumping or leaking. I also want a full nights sleep. Especially not only being 6 weeks postpartum, but also the fact that I’m currently tandem nursing, it’s exhausting. Yes, I could wean my toddler but why? I’m already making milk, we’ve made it this far and she helps me drain when I’m super engorged. I’m tired but also using my toddler to help keep my milk production flowing. It’s not hurting anyone so for now we shall keep nursing for a couple more months. I’m not getting any less sleep because of it and I’d like to think that it’s contributing to my weight loss. Bottom line, I have heard everyone’s opinion about tandem nursing and nursing my toddler but in the end, it’s currently working for us and what I want to deeply express to all, do what works for you and your family and ignore the rest. Peace and love.

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