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Stretch Marks

As I was in my second pregnancy, I was struggling so bad and I didn’t understand why. The doctors didn’t understand why. I did every test known to Western medicine and all came back perfect, I was having a perfect pregnancy and feeling terrible. I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk, literally. I focused on eating healthy because I knew I couldn’t workout but I was getting riddled with stretch marks. As I should be so proud of my body for carrying two healthy babies, I was insecure about my postpartum stomach. I later found out my uterine wall was almost nonexistent and that’s why I was in so much pain. I had to let go of trying to prevent the stretch marks so I started researching how to attempt to cure them. I stumbled upon tallow and became absolutely intrigued, no obsessed! I started making my own concoctions and came up with something that I felt was healing. It was healing on such a deeper level than I ever expected and I was slowly getting more confident. After a couple months of use, I could almost not see any stretch marks, it felt like a miracle! I knew other moms struggled with the same problem and decided to bottle and market. If you have troublesome skin problems, try it out! As always, sending healing and love 💗

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