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Self Care

Self care seems to have so much voodoo around it, especially for moms. Why do we feel so much guilt to get a break?! Our babies are our lives, they are our broke little best friends that are always around. No matter the age it seems our job as moms is to take care of them and make sure they aren’t accidentally committing suicide by getting into something or jumping off something or burning themselves; all of it. It’s exhausting. We are superheroes. We keep tiny humans alive all day, everyday! Let me remind you, if you went to work you would legally get a lunch break, two 15 minute breaks and typically vacation days and sick days; so why do we feel guilty when we don’t even get half of that as a mom. I could go further and argue that at work I’m assuming you would be going to the bathroom by yourself without a toddler asking if “you pooped or peed?” We are on call and on demand 24/7. We are the backbone of the family. We carry so much. We deserve a break. It’s okay to ask for help. There is no shame in not being able to do it all. I urge you to meditate and release those anxieties. Let them go! Breathe and only take on what you can handle. As much as we are superheroes, we are HUMAN too. So go out and take a bath, dry brush, meditate, go dancing, sing karaoke, do something for you because you deserve your happiness as much as your family does as well. In team sports, the team is only as good as the weakest player, don’t take on so much that you make yourself the weakest player. Love yourself because I love you ❤️

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