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Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum Anxiety is a topic I feel is sometimes overlooked but is very much real. I was recently coaching a mom through this and I did my regular checkin and was so happy she was doing so well. Journaling, walking, meditating, hydrating, all the essentials and she was good. A few hours later I got a call from her and it started with “I had an episode while out to dinner and it probably seems stupid to you…”, that statement broke my heart. No matter how it makes anyone else feel, that was a big deal for her in the moment. I was proud of her for acknowledging that she was triggered but it in no way defined her as a mom. I didn’t give advice, I didn’t tell her what I would’ve done, I didn’t minimize her situation. I just sat and listened to her and validated her feelings. She cried and was grateful for my support. Anxiety happens to all of us different, it’s how we react to certain situations, and it’s absolutely normal. There are coping mechanisms but to some degree there’s something that causes anxiousness in all of us. Postpartum Anxiety reminds me that I am human. I may be overwhelmed in the situation because I’m tired, drained, overwhelmed, thinking about everyone else, burnt out, etc. I strive to be everything that I possibly can be for my family and I often compare myself to a superhero, but remember, even Wonder Woman got adequate sleep. It’s okay to not be okay, but strive to not live in the not okay. Find things that calm you down, reach out if you need to talk. Ultimately, I want you to know that stressful situations don’t define you as a mom, person or spouse. Learn from them and continue to grow stronger every day. I hope you find some peace and grace today 🥰

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