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I have been hearing a lot lately from moms saying their breast milk isn’t enough. Their babies are petite. They need to pump more, they get next to nothing when they pump. Change their diet to produce more. This ALL breaks my heart. Let’s re-evaluate what they are believing, they aren’t enough. THEY ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE ENOUGH! Let me be clear, western medicine is great for so many things but normalizing over production isn’t one of them. Think about it for a second, the babies mouth tells our bodies EXACTLY what it NEEDS and our bodies make it, specifically for the baby. Every protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, all of it; perfect. Overproduction is great to share and donate but we are biologically made to produce exactly what is needed, no more no less. Breastfeeding is completely on demand. Society has changed this and in the process it has made it the moms failure. I’m going to be so blunt, comparing a breastfed baby with a formula fed baby is like comparing a healthy eating person to someone who eats fast food everyday. So once again, I’ll shout it from the rooftops, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Believe in yourself and trust the process, breastfeeding is HARD WORK. Put the work in and you will see the benefits. Believe in you as much as I do and reach out if you need me 😘

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