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Our Big Move

Our life recently has been twisted upside down. When I was about 7 weeks postpartum we found mold growing in our house, one of my biggest nightmares! Trying not to think about the damage this has done to my babies but also thinking about how long during my pregnancy I was living in it. Well we got out immediately and went to temporarily stay with my brother, so grateful we had somewhere to go in such short notice. Our landlords investigated and found that a squirrel had chewed through the HVAC system and caused moisture and mold in through the vents. We filed an insurance claim and got denied (no idea why). But a month later the repairs were made and we got the clearance to move back home. On a whim, I made sure we did another mold test before moving our babies and our stuff back in, it failed. So once again we contact our landlords and they did another inspection. This time they found a leak in the kitchen floor and we can’t move back for MONTHS. We are devastated. We file ANOTHER insurance claim and they have YET to let us know if we got it approved or not. How is that possible?! I’m paying them to make my babies homeless, ugh (sorry for the rant)! Shortly after that rough news, Dave finds a job transfer to one of our favorite places, Florida. We look at each other and decide ‘what do we have to lose?!’. They approved his transfer and even put us up in a hotel for two weeks while we look for a new home. So currently living in a hotel but still feeling slightly “homeless” in a way. So blessed as to how it all went down but it’s definitely been a whirlwind of the last 2.5 months. Thinking about how Harley’s birthday is 15 days away and Christmas is 21 days away and I’m not stressed. Not to mention, sitting here thinking about how I’m super enneagram 8 and LOVE organization and can’t believe that postpartum depression hasn’t hit me this time around yet, or if it will at all, I’m now 4 months postpartum. Am I where I thought I was going to be?No, and that’s okay! It’s so strange because last postpartum experience I couldn’t leave the house hardly and this time I don’t even have a house. We have storage units. Life is so bizarre! It’s not like one postpartum was easier or harder than the other, but my mindset is just different. I really believe a large part of that is my diet is TREMENDOUSLY better this time around but that’s really the only difference. In fact, I’m technically more alone this time. We have no one in Florida but I’m going out more. Us moms are amazing creations and our minds really do set the standard for our family. If anyone is struggling through postpartum, drop a comment and I’d love to give you some support. Much love ❤️

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