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Loving you

When you’re pregnant you get calls and texts regularly from friends and family checking in on you, regular doctors visits to see your progression but after you have the baby, no more doctors visits, all calls and texts are regarding how the baby is doing, all OB appointments turn into pediatrician appointments. There’s this new part of you to navigate and a brand new human being to learn about while navigating yourself. How do you do it? I feel like for me, it was breastfeeding. Definitely a long journey to get there but amazing at the same time. It’s hard. You’d think that you were born with the ability to nurse and the baby just latches and angels come from the sky and serenade you as you feed your child, not at all! It took me 4 months of extremely hard work to get my baby to latch properly and then it hurt. Breastfeeding is hard but the bonding we got from it helped heal my postpartum, I was lost and in our bond we were found. Just remember, it’s okay to feel lost, frustrated, and alone but don’t dwell in it. Push through all of the struggles and find your balance. Love yourself through these times and give yourself grace. You are not weak but actually you’ll find strength within you that even you didn’t know existed. It’s as if a rebirth has happened and a flower has bloomed. I now with my second baby find postpartum to be empowering and beautiful, I love myself more than I ever have before.

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