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I'm Back

It’s been quite the journey. I wish I could tell you my hiatus was because I was living it up but I’ve definitely been through my ups and downs. And as I will continue to document my Lyme disease journey and tandem nursing my kids through chronic illness, I feel called to share something else on my heart. I’ve addressed postpartum anxiety before but I want to address it again. We put unattainable expectations on ourselves, we expect to live up to how we were before we had an extra human to tend to. And then we stir in mom guilt, feeling less than, riddled with anxiety and afraid to ask for help. This is a recipe for disaster. I have to say that since I’ve thrown standards out the window and released so much of what I thought was expected of me and given what I could without getting burnt out, I’ve been able to feel more present. I feel less anxious. I feel less anger because I’m struggling with the thoughts of failure. The kids won’t remember a spotless house, a perfectly primed mother or a lot of the activities we stress to get to. What they will remember is the connection they feel with you. They enjoy playing with their friends but they LOVE you. It’s okay to slow down, be in this moment and just exist with your kids. It’s okay to just be. This has taken me lots of therapy to get here but feeling calm in chaos is my next level of strength. So I am sending you release and peace ✌️

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