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I think overwhelmed might be an understatement. Insecure would be another one. I haven’t posted a blog in a bit because of those two words. Alongside mourning and change. My breastfeeding journey is about to drastically change and I’m mourning it. I always said that once I successfully potty train Harley is the time I will focus on weaning her next, well we officially are potty training and doing pretty good. Not to mention, today Frankie turned 8 months old, which means my baby hasn’t been exclusively breastfeeding anymore. My EBF journey didn’t start with Harley until 4 months so I didn’t get to enjoy it very long and now Frankie is eating food. I worked so hard to be able to provide my body for my babies and now I’m feeling so many different ways. I know I won’t be done nursing but it’s definitely about to all change real quick. I’m having emotions, I was ready to give up my blog and then I remembered why I started it. It was a journal and a safe outlet for me to share my feelings and experiences. I put this preconceived goal on breastfeeding Harley until she potty trains and around 3 years old. We are here, but how?! I know she will be just fine but it’s still an emotional chapter to close and open a new one. Okay, now I’m crying. Just remember, not all moms anxiously await “freedom” and struggles with weaning if that’s something you’re going through as well. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your breastfeeding journey, you may want to stop or keep going or have certain goals, but answers?! There’s no clear answer as to what you should do, it’s a beautiful journey and embrace it. It’s frustrating and rewarding and it’s between no one else except you and your baby. Muah!

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